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Trevor Houck – Vocals, Guitars
Greg Harman – Drums, Vocals
Marc Weaver – Guitars, Vocals
Nick Smith – Bass, Vocals
Scott Shackelford – Guitars, Vocals

Margins of Society formed in 2011 out of Atlanta, Georgia as an ‘alterna-gressive’ rock group. Members: Greg Harman (drums, vocals), Trevor Houck (vocals, guitar), Scott Shackelford (guitar, vocals), Nick Smith (bass, vocals), and Marc Weaver (guitar, vocals) draw from a diverse landscape of musical influences: from Led Zeppelin-inspired riffs, to grooves from The Police and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to melodies and harmonies from Billy Joel and The Beatles.

In 2013, Margins of Society self-released their debut album “Marginal at Best”. This collection captures the group’s eclectic background offering a mix of melodic rock in many styles from heavy to soulful, intense to reflective. “Marginal at Best” is a provocative album of (10) songs created by (5) people over (2) years through a seemingly endless flow of inspiration that makes for (1) rockin’ record.

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Red Velvet Crush is a pop/rock band formed by like-minded musicians that strive to motivate others to turn their dreams into realities.

Pushing the limits, beyond the highest expectations and a passion for turning dreams into reality. Red Velvet Crush tells the chapters of courage, motivation and of making choices to make a change, for the better. Realizing what you know and what you dream to create the life you desire, the person you aspire to be; Red Velvet Crush is living the story through songs and stages.

What you see isn’t always what you get…Red Velvet Crush is set to release Smoke and Mirrors, the brand new debut EP, produced by Dave Percefull (Green Day, David Cook) of yellowDOGstudios in Austin, TX Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. When things seem perfect but you know they’re not, you can always turn it all around through courage, motivation and making a choice to make a change for the better. Smoke and Mirrors moves in musical chapters and emotion from start to finish and blends pop/rock with hard rock influence, punk/pop and even a hint of synthpop. “Monster” shows the realization of seeing the darkness in your life in a person or situation and then how to have courage to move ahead no matter what. “You Didn’t Lose!” is straight to the message: don’t question things when things are good. Go with it. With lead vocalist Jillian Riscoe sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars, “Girls Rock TOO” stands for all the girls and women who feel that they can rock just as hard as all the guys can, no matter what society says. “Contents: Under Pressure” describes all the pressure that surrounds our lives; finally the “explosion” that occurs at your breaking point then deciding to make a choice to make a change, for the better.

*Female fronted Pop/Rock from Oz
*3x Award Winning Band based out of Kansas City, MO
Female Vocalist of the Year and Acoustic Performance of the Year at the 2013 Project Backstage Midwest Music Awards, Pop Band of the Year at the 2013 KC Cassi Honors
*Debut EP Smoke and Mirrors produced by Dave Percefull (Green Day, David Cook, Bowling for Soup) of yellowDOGstudios in Austin, TX
*Media attention… from 25+ outlets in the Midwest and Nat’l
*25+ radio stations spin RVC like Alice 102, KKFI, Sirius XM
*Sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars and cosmetics line, Belladonna’s Cupboard
*Collectively have opened up for The Dreaming/Stabbing Westward and Lisa Loeb, co-written with Dave Percefull, The Grammy Museum, The Blueprint of Prescription Songs by Dr Luke, performed at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Midwest tours and Texas along with Plaza Art Fair, Gladfest in KC, natl anthems at KC Royals, T-Bones, Wizards, American Royal and more
*Music video released in Oct 2013 and picked up by infamous online music video outlet Blank TV
*#1 on ReverbNation KC Pop Charts for 6+ months and still hold the spot
Red Velvet Crush is a pop/rock band formed by like-minded musicians that strive to motivate others to turn their dreams into realities.
Pushing the limits, beyond the highest expectations and a passion for turning dreams into reality. Red Velvet Crush tells the chapters of courage, motivation and of making choices to make a change, for the better. Realizing what you know and what you dream to create the life you desire, the person you aspire to be; Red Velvet Crush is living the story through songs and stages.
What you see isn’t always what you get…Red Velvet Crush is set to release Smoke and Mirrors, the brand new debut EP, produced by Dave Percefull (Green Day, David Cook) of yellowDOGstudios in Austin, TX Tuesday, June 4th, 2013. When things seem perfect but you know they’re not, you can always turn it all around through courage, motivation and making a choice to make a change for the better. Smoke and Mirrors moves in musical chapters and emotion from start to finish and blends pop/rock with hard rock influence, punk/pop and even a hint of synthpop. “Monster” shows the realization of seeing the darkness in your life in a person or situation and then how to have courage to move ahead no matter what. “You Didn’t Lose!” is straight to the message: don’t question things when things are good. Go with it. With lead vocalist Jillian Riscoe sponsored by Daisy Rock Guitars, “Girls Rock TOO” stands for all the girls and women who feel that they can rock just as hard as all the guys can, no matter what society says. “Contents: Under Pressure” describes all the pressure that surrounds our lives; finally the “explosion” that occurs at your breaking point then deciding to make a choice to make a change, for the better.

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Greye | Indie Music
September 152014



What happens when you combine traditional acoustic folk instruments and then add guitar influences from the likes of John Butler, Brian May, or Greg Lake? But wait there’s more, now add bass lines inspired by Alex Lifeson and yes even video games; back beats reminiscent of Steely Dan, Traffic, Motown or even YES -all of which create the pallet for the really interesting part…the lyrics! What you get is a very eclectic, rhythmic, groovy, refreshing approach to modern music…they call themselves GREYE and they call their music Progressive Folk!



GREYE, a relatively new band from Daytona Beach, FL has been warmly received by all the audiences they’ve played for. They rocked the crowds at the Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach, and the Daytona Beach Band Shell to name just a couple. GREYE is also the Songwriters Association of America’s current “featured artist.”

The group is comprised of four members: Hannah Summer (vocals and guitar), Jett Wolfe (guitar and vocals), Josh Reid (bass and vocals), and Ray Grimard (drums and percussion).



GREYE formed in the Spring of 2013, the chance meeting of all its members happened almost by accident. Jett, Josh, and Hannah originally formed an acoustic trio called “Locals Only” in order to enter the 2013 Seabreeze High School Battle of the Bands. They played only one song called Greye. The band finished in the runner up position. All three were very pleased with their performance. However, there was one variable they were unaware of when they went home that Thursday evening.

In the audience that night was a teacher who also was a musician/studio engineer and studio owner who saw magic in the three musicians on that auditorium stage. The next day he approached the bass player Josh and asked if he would be interested in coming by the studio with his two friends and jamming with a drummer. The next week all four met at Ray’s studio beginning the process to see if the magic could include an additional player.

Initially, Ray’s approach was to develop a sound then replace the drummer (himself) and he would just assume the role of producer and engineer. However,



much to his surprise the band insisted that he stay on as both the producer and the drummer. The combination of different influences and varied years of experience has absolutely exceeded the vision Ray envisioned on that high school stage.

For the last 16 months these four members embarked on a very rigorous and disciplined approach to both putting a band together and writing their own music. Rehearsing as much as 20 hours a week has become the norm for this band. Over the last year the band has recorded 28 original songs…enough for two complete albums. They are planning on an August 1, 2014 release of their first album titled Providence.

Providence is a very musical collection of 14 songs. Each song paints a different story and allows the listener to become part of the journey. The harmony between the acoustic guitars and the acoustic drums create a solid and musical groove that support each individual song’s lyrics. If you get a chance do yourself a favor and catch GREYE live or at least visit their website at—you will find either experience musically refreshing.


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Worldwide Groove Corporation are definitely against the grain in the city they call home. Being known for their electronic flair, whether it be programmed pop or downtempo chill, WGC are anything but country when left to their own creative inspiration. This blessing/curse in the midst of Nashville, TN has given them a niche that keeps them working on a variety of music projects for people from around the world.

Between the work of Kurt and Ellen, their music has been used in films, on national TV ad campaigns, in major network TV shows, and discussed at international arts festivals.

Their string arrangements have been featured on records for artists such as Third Day and Plumb, and they are known for their talent of reinvention which is evident in their classic country remixes and their treatment of old jazz standards on their 2007 record “Fever: Chillodesiac Lounge, vol. 1″.

From this record, their instrumental track “Smoke & Mirrors” topped the chart on the Sirius XM chill station for two months, and several tracks have appeared on compilations around the world. Fifteen DJs in 10 different countries contributed their amazing talents to the WGC remix releases in 2009, giving them a tremendous global connection.

As artists, in July 2014 WGC began the “Year of the Groove” with the announcement that they will put out one new release a month for at least a year. These releases will be singles and small EPs, and they will be expanding their musical umbrella, ranging from purely fun electro pop to deeper more emotionally complex downtempo leanings. Although the emotional range is broad, the core of their tracks, the rich textures, sultry grooves and catchy beats remain the staple of their sound.

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Bottomless Ocean Artwork



Karlton is a multi-faceted entertainer from Atlanta who joined AJ Logan in episode 28 of The IMLH Show as a featured artist. He is an artist we look forward to having on again as more music becomes available!

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Sometimes a new voice comes along with a positively critical message. And when that message resonates with an audience that has unconsciously been craving it for long, the reach is inevitably wider than mainstream media is ready to accept.

Sa’ra Charismata is without a doubt such a voice. Her debut single “Gold Digga”, a poignant attack on the world order today, merges a sultry delivery with a hard hitting political message as she personally challenges a dangerous status quo, not only in the world of music, but across most spectra of society.

Sa’ra explains, “We have lost touch of who we are at our spiritual core and suffer as we continue to define others and ourselves by material possessions and status, a disease firmly embedded into our social structures.”

Sa’ra Charismata, a musical muse born to Eritrean parents, raised in Stockholm, Sweden and most recently residing in New York City, writes and co-produces all of her own material. In her process, she seems driven by forces described by herself as beyond her own. Some would call energies of this nature otherworldly. Sa’ra possesses that uncanny knack for drawing in a listener with triumphantly beautiful melodies and trippy beats whilst cleverly addressing the critical questions of our generation.

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Born October 6 1990 and raised in Sydney till age 12, Jode along with his mother and sister then moved to Woodford, QLD. From there, Jode was pushed by his peers and music teacher to keep playing music. Having successfully been accepted into JMC Academy, Jode continued to work hard with his music and found himself establishing a fan base around Brisbane. In 2014, Jode is now back living in Sydney working with a number of labels and producers. Big things are happening, so be sure to hop on board for the ride. For more on Jode, visit

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Glenn started writing songs when he was 14 but only had the chance to record in 1997. “Another lonely heart” It is his first studio recorded song,

For more on Glenn, visit

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Carina Nebula - Closer to the Ocean


Carina Nebula – a dream-pop duo tripping to psychedelic heights from Liverpool, UK. The pair ventured into the musical realm in November 2013 and quickly reacting to record their first EP ”Closer to the Ocean”.

Dragging influences and sounds from slick waves of 60’s underground psychedelia and the the raucous class of grunge, Carina Nebula draw themselves a unique image of colourful textures and mixing it with harsh tones of distorted bass.

Carina Nebula are Buddy Miller and Sol Murphy, two multi-instrumentalists, planning to perform extensively through the UK and taking it by storm.

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Meresha | Indie Music
August 112014





Meresha has performed solo and as a member of bands in both the United States and Europe.

Still a teen, she has been composing and recording her own music for over 5 years. All the words and sounds are her own creation.

She plays guitar, keys and drums.

In 2013, she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. She had support from over 100 fans on 5 continents and achieved over 200% of her goal.

The Limited edition EP “Lunatic” which resulted was shared with supporters and featured an earlier version of her current single “Fool Don’t Be”. The songs from the EP had their debut at B.B. King’s in a concert by Meresha and her band “The Alien Invasion”.

Earlier, Meresha sang and played rock and pop music originally performed by James Blake, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Christina Aguilera, The Ramones, The Who and many others in front of large theater and stadium audiences. – See more at:

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Winners of “Artist of the Year 2012″ at Artists In Music Awards, “Best Alternative Song of the Year 2012″ at Hollywood Music In Media Awards for their single “Real”, proclaimed one of the Hot 100 Best Independent Bands of 2012 on Music Connection Magazine, and nominated for Best Music Video for “Real” at Los Angeles Music Awards 2013 among many other awards and nominations, The Controversy is an acclaimed alternative pop duo based in Los Angeles, CA.
The Controversy’s first 2012 album “Real” has received critical acclaimed reviews, describing it as “stunning”, “off the hook”, “rich songs with powerful lyrics and musical serenity”, “moving and captivating”, “refreshing change from the overproduced pop” and “unique, powerfully emotional, honest and ethereal”.

The Controversy will release their second album “Don’t Count On Me” October 2014, and has released three videos for their songs “Real”, “So Low” and “Little Star”, while writing and placing music for film, TV and video games, such as a song placement in the TV show “The Bridge”, the creation and production of the theme song for the Sundance Winner Director Amin Matalqa’s feature film “Strangely In Love”, the theme song for the video game “Monaco” “Can’t Resist” in collaboration with Grammy nominee Austin Wintory, the theme song for the feature film “Last Flight” in collaboration with the award winner composer Garry Schyman.

Supporters of gay rights, The Controversy is also the LGBTQ Person of The Year 2012

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Black Thistles are the brainchild of Paul Sharpe, featured in episode 35 of “The IMLH Beer & Bullshit Series”. The single, “When It Started” was recently played on the BBC!

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The Blue Choir are a band from Dublin. Formed in 2010 the band released an EP titled Get Ready For War. The band toured until 2011 after which they took a year hiatus from gigging writing and recording. In December 2012 they announced their comeback with a track Human Heart. In March 2013 the band shacked up with producer, musician and Spotify virgin Gavin Glass and recorded Lighthouse EP.

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A three piece from Bristol inspired by Suicide, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cramps.

Their debut single ‘Money’ is released 1st Sept

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If the soulful, empathetic lyrics and melodies of Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, and Bill Withers had an illegitimate child with the vintage, therapeutic blues of Albert King, B.B. King, and Eric Clapton, it would result in the music of Jake Tavill. He voices his messages through honest, introspective lyrics. His music is simple, but not simplistic.
At 17, he has studied music at Berklee College of Music, NYU Tisch, and the Village East Conservatory. He plays frequently around his home state of New Jersey and anywhere else he finds the opportunity. Obviously Jake loves writing and performing his music, but nothing makes him feel happier than him having a personal connection with his audience.

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OTL Cover test

Casi (pronounced Cassie) has been the best kept secret of the midwest for quite some time now. Beginning her music career at age 10, she has produced an album with award winning producer Michael Wagener, performed in front of 500,000 people at the Kansas City Plaza Lighting, just recently played with Rascal Flatts and Brad Paisley, and more. Casi is known for her bright red hair, bright personality, and explosive stage show playing a different instrument almost every song. Her heartfelt lyrics and distinctive, rich tone pull every listener in to her relatable, self written songs. Casi’s new single “Old Town Lane” was written by Casi about a sanctuary of hers at a lake in northern Minnesota. Country music lovers are sent to a feel good place, taking their minds off the world for three minutes and thirty seconds (or more, once you put it on repeat). The summertime single will get your foot tapping, and you’ll be singing the hook for days. It is available now on iTunes and for radio play worldwide. For more information on Casi Joy (videos, downloads, tour schedule, etc.), visit her website at

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Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, Til All is One, combines not only
different styles, but different walks of life and ideologies in their
music. The prevailing goal is to not only marry together different
sonic textures, but to bridge gaps in the genre based, stringent,
music industry.

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Holerica is a six piece, hard working metal band from south of Sweden
who is determined to be Swedens next big act in the indie metal genre.

A style can be described as melodic metal with a hint of metalcore.
With an intense live performance and catching melodies they’re a band to be reckoned with on the world stage.

Debut album Silent Turmoil out now:

Official Website


indie rock metalcore holerica

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Americana rock singer/songwriter Deborah Crooks’ dynamic new full length album Little Bird is very much a product of the unique Bay Area independent music community that she has been part of since releasing her debut EP 5 Acres in 2003. The eclectic, 11-track set — which ventures into everything from funk and reggae to rock and blues — reflect her expansive and eclectic tastes, and features musicians the singer has performed or recorded with over the past five years. A follow-up to her 2010 EPs It’s All Up To You and Other Halves (which Crooks later packaged together and released as the full length 2010), Little Bird was produced Art Khu, a well-known composer/producer in San Francisco jazz circles who has played on several of Crooks’ past recordings. The two recorded the basics of the project with drummer Mike Stevens at his Lost Monkey Studio, and Ben Bernstein (who produced her first two albums) on bass. “We all know one another well and have a lot of musical respect and love of creating going on,” she says. Crooks’ diverse, ever-evolving musical career has included playing countless Bay Area venues (including foundational Bay Area songwriter and band venues such as the Bazaar Café in the Richmond District, Berkeley’s Starry Plough and High Street Station in her current East Bay hometown) as well as periodic tours in Southern California, Oregon, Washington and to Austin. In addition to her solo career, she has enjoyed collaborating on a wide variety of tours and recordings. She toured the Northwest as part of “Indie Abundance Music, Money & Mindfulness” with two other artists; played throughout the Southwest with fellow songwriter and yogini Jean Mazzei on The Great Idea Tour; hosts one a monthly open mic at High Street Station; and has participated in an ongoing Bay Area Song Collective. She has also worked on projects by indie artists like B.Z. Lewis (Pop Tuna) and Alex Walsh and made prose and poetry contributions to the Deborah Slater Dance Theatre in San Francisco. The Watsonville, California-born, Bay Area-raised performer earned a degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, then moved to Colorado where she covered sports, studied writing in the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics and “got turned on” to the power and possibility of songwriting via seeing many great female songwriters including Shawn Colvin and Patty Griffin. Despite a vast array of influences from genres across the board, she has long gravitated towards literate, roots-based songwriters who can rock ala Lucinda Williams, Alejandro Escovedo and Buddy & Julie Miller. Living in the Bay Area, she has enjoyed the continued inspiration from “talented spot-on songwriters who are too numerous to list and who routinely take me to school.” Lyrically, the overriding themes on Little Bird (faith and spirituality, liberating the self from societal and personal limitations, going for love) reflect a perspective that has been shaped extensively by Crooks’ studies of creative writing and yoga, which she has practiced regularly for 15 years, including taking four extended trips to India deepen her studies. “Plus love and all its hope and vagaries are ever on my mind,” she adds. The simmering, blues-influenced title track “Little Bird” offers a powerful metaphor for the freeing of one’s unconscious, which Crooks describes as “a bird in a cage in the darkest corner of the house.” She brings a lilting, country music vibe to “Little League,” which recounts a time when she was allowed to play on an otherwise all-boys team, but was not supported or encouraged to play her best; she draws on the experience to address the still-relevant issue of glass ceilings for women. On the more romantic side, she cleverly balances the exuberant hopefulness of “Looking Down the Road” (a spirited rocker) with “Bittersweet Valentine,” a whimsical look at a love that for whatever reason must remain unfulfilled.

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A band focusing on the core of rock and metalballads
St. Aria is a musical project formed by Alexander Platon during the late 2000’s. It was influenced by a desire to create emotionally resounding rock ballads, inspired by artists such as Evanescence, Within Temptation and Nightwish.

The first few years were marked by fluctuating members which eventually left the band on hiatus while Platon went on to join The Borderline Saints. In 2012, Platon, together with fellow The Borderline Saints vocalist, Jimmy Ferhm, and producer, Emanuel Svensson, decided to revive the band. The revival intended to only remake two of the original songs, “Another Symphony” and “Until life parts us”, but the interest from both the artists and the audience convinced them to instead expand on the project.
The music and lyrics are largely autobiographical and poetic in nature, written by Platon with assistance from Ferhm. The band has added the hard rock sound of Sixx:A.M., Apocalyptica and The Rasmus to their own, including a cover of Sixx:A.M.’s Skin. Having released an EP, “We claim this aria”, they are currently working on their debut studio album. The studio album aims to invert the normal rock distribution by having mostly ballads, interjected by a few heavy songs.

In addition to the composing and producing, the band is also handling their own marketing and promotion; choosing to stay unsigned.

The band has taken in a number of session musicians, both for studio sessions and live performances, and are at the moment consisting of the two original members Alexander Platon (composer, lyrics, piano), Jimmy Ferhm (composer, vocals, guitar) and the new members Oliver Sandberg (drums), Frans Af Malmborg (guitar, vocals), and Jacqueline Hansson (vocals).

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Lyonn | Indie Music
July 152014












After years of playing in alternative bands, California native Tyler Gelrud took a break from the band scene to travel and focus on songwriting. After months away from home, Tyler was inspired to create a new music project under the name Lyonn. Influenced by his travels and personal experiences, Lyonn uses cinematic themes and thoughtful lyrics to pave a new way in the realm of the singer/songwriter genre.

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Nisha’s passion for singing comes naturally and is one she has had as long as she can remember. The radio and her were close friends during childhood but as time went on, my realities changed. Real life hit and she grew up… After multiple failed relationships, four children, homelessness, a brutal attack on her life, and several issues with her health, She knew something in my life had to change!

She thought about how to give back to the world and when 9/11 happened, she knew… She would pursue my passion for music and give back to the world by enlisting in the Army Band! Six months after training was completed, She deployed to Baghdad, Iraq! It was in Iraq that she became the lead female vocalist in the rock band. Her time with the band ended and she became a commissioned officer and shortly thereafter, retired from the Army.

At the start of her singing/songwriting career, she chose to combine the music she loves; an eclectic hybrid of pop, rock, jazz and alternative that created an Indie Pop/Rock feel. She has worked with a few different producers in the past year: Jason Richard in Austin, TX, George Seals in Nashville, TN, Eddie Galan in Burbank, CA! I’ve also had vocal training with Lis Lewis and Sheri Pedigo in Los Angeles, CA!

The new music is more defined in the Pop/R&B genre yet remains soulful and sincere. She is grateful to my family, friends, and fans for all their support as she continues to share the emotions of life with the world through her music!

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With the release of its sophomore album, Leaves, Sidewalk Chalk continues to lead the contemporary evolution of hip-hop, soul, and jazz. The band’s roots are firmly planted in Chicago where all eight members bring their respective talents together to update a sound first heralded in the Native Tongues era but never so musically diverse. The group’s unique arrangement allows them to incorporate numerous styles seamlessly: an MC and female vocalist; a trio of keys, bass, and drums; a horn section with trombone and trumpet; and a tap-dancer.

In contrast to the 2012 debut release, Corner Store, this new album finds the group venturing into a grittier space and capitalizing on a subtle approach that is at times hauntingly beautiful. Leaves represents change, both the loss of something dear and the excitement of exploring something new. “The album is about growth, growing pains, and letting go of the past if need be,” states MC Rico Sisney. Vocalist Maggie Vagle adds, “It’s also about unfolding into a new color. Shedding to shine brighter.”
Sidewalk Chalk has created a live show that captivates a variety of audiences. The group has already shared stages with ?uestlove, De La Soul, Action Bronson, Jean Grae, Hiatus Kaiyote and other notables. Individually, band members have acted as musical director(s) for Brother Ali, toured with Jazzanova and played behind Buddy Guy and Talib Kweli. Sidewalk Chalk was named “Most Outstanding Group” at the 2012 Chicago Music Awards, and its MC represented Chicago at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China.
Sidewalk Chalk is: Rico Sisney (MC), Maggie Vagle (Vocals), Charlie Coffeen (Keys), Garrett McGinn (Bass), Tyler Berg (Drums), Jumaane Taylor (Taps), Sam Trump (Trumpet), and David Ben-Porat (Trombone).

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00 - Big_Brother_1984-front-large

In episode 32 of The IMLH Beer & Bullshit Series we were introduced to Wisconsin MC Big Brother who came across us in episode 30 featuring his friend and fellow Racine, Wisconsin based lyricist Mikey Fa$t Life.

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The Meaning

“X” resembles the unexpected and the anomalous. It is the unknown. It is the variable that seems as if it has no vitality but when the true meaning is discovered it is, in fact, extremely powerful, leaving a person oblivious of what to expect. “Phaze” signifies the phases encountered throughout life that fuse together with the inability to be fazed.

X-Phaze was 15 when we were first introduced to him in 2012. He is literally the first artist to continuously send us new material. He recorded an interview with us just a day or two after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the east coast a couple years ago from his grandparents house. I wish we would of featured him on The IMLH Beer & Bullshit Series before episode 29. Such a humble individual for the talent he possesses, he’s gonna be everywhere in the very near future and we can’t wait to tell people we were one of the first to take a listen.

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Singer Songwriter Kate Lynne Logan has released 29 original songs. Her fourth album titled ‘Animal Dreams,’ (May 2014) produced by Dylan Fant of 1 Shot Studio, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and most every digital-music outlet.

Logan has music-licensing contracts with Lyric House Publishing (Colorado) and ABC Family. She has performed throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Colorado and New Mexico. She has performed at iconic Seattle venues such as The Tractor Tavern, Neumos, and The Triple Door.

Logan has shared stages with talented and award winning artists such as Brandi Carlile, Elizabeth Cook, Peter Bradley Adams, Sera Cahoone, and Claire Lynch. The smooth, ethereal tone of her voice draws comparisons to Allison Kruass and The Wailin’ Jennys’ Ruth Moody – gentle, but evocative. Paired with that steady-like-a-train guitar-playing, her sound further blurs the lines between Pop, Americana, and Alt-Country.

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Jane Finkel and Brian Spencer have been performing together for the past three years in an a cappella group and various bands for the last 3 years. They live by the philosophy “less is more” and they perform for the love of music! 















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We were introduced to the CEO of Booty World Records in episode 27 of The Beer & Bullshit Series. His release, “Lacey’s Forehead” which dropped in the Summer of 2013 is available at

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Straight out the streets and basement parties of Wiscompton comes a liquor scented breath of fresh air by the name of Mikey Fa$t Life. Fueled by 40’s and his passion for entertaining Mikey tells tales of late nights, run ins with the law, dead end jobs, the everday grind, and the struggle to escape the negative stereotype that plagues Hip-Hop in his city! With his clever words and ability to step outside of traditional rap music Mikey delivers a new sound unlike any heard from his city!

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Listen To More Huxly Here:

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Indie Musicians, Speaker Minds high energy and charismatic performances make for a memorable time for both themselves and spectators. With an emcee who enthusiastically expresses his love for the Hip Hop community, an experienced and soulful singer, and a Band that has blended their diverse backgrounds to form a unique sound, there is never a dull moment!

This band’s youthful career has consisted of appearances at such festivals as Festival of Positivity, Alberta Street Fair, Wild Goose West (Corvallis), Umoja Festival (Seattle), EcoPalooza, Fire in the Canyon, PO-HOP 12 and many more.  They toured through several states including California, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and the Pacific Northwest.  And even had the privilege of playing shows with such Hip Hop legends as KRS-One, The Pharcyde, Del the Funky Homosapien, Gift of Gab, Dead Prez, Freeway, Jake One and local stars such as Cool Nutz, The Chicharones, Doo Doo Funk All-Stars, Luck One, and many others.

The emceeing is handled by artist Randal Wyatt, a Portland native who has been seen amongst the Northwest’s underground hip hop culture respectively as one of their more charitable and socially aware emcees.  Adrian Adel provides the soulful vocals and has been heating up stages in the Northwest for many years. The rhythm section is a medley of talented musicians, starting with Donnell Kennedy (Guitar) a self taught musician with many tricks up his sleeve, DLUX: the Light (Keyboard) a highly trained Pianist who can rock a microphone as well, Fingerpretzel (Drummer) was an established Heavy Metal drummer in Utah who is now successfully blending the sounds, and Jon McGuire (Bass) who is young, hungry and talented has brought the newness within Speaker Minds!

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Buddy Paprock: Live from Indie Music Lives Here

Indie Music Artist, Buddy Paprock Bio:

Born and raised in Oregon, Buddy Paprock has always felt music flowing through his veins. Picking up the guitar at the age of 14, he began creating music just as quick as he was learning it; a singer song writer from the start. After high school, he decided to study the art of music at a college level, playing guitar and singing for a close mic vocal jazz group in return for a full-ride scholarship. He has since participated in several hundred performances, a majority of which were solo, for various venues in Oregon, Northern California, and Southern Washington.
Throughout the years, Buddy Paprock has used his many infuences to mold his unique, yet catchy, acoustic style. His hard work is paying off and he is seeing new doors in the music industry open almost daily.
This Artist: Buddy Paprock is available for Booking!
book artists
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October 312013

Indie Music Band, Afterglow is Canadian pop rock band from Vancouver Island BC. Consisting of brothers Adam Ryan and Aron Shane. The group formed in 2005 when Aron was asked by brother Adam to drum and co-­‐produce the EP “Yellow Brick Drive” with Juno Nominated producer/engineer Rick Salt. With Rick Salt as the performing Bassist for the E.P. the group released Yellow Brick Drive in 2007, leading to an array of achievement such as,

  • Being featured on CFOX’s Indie Night in Canada
  • Landing their single “Brightside” in the top 30 on collage radio CFBX 92.5 FM
  • Receiving spins on some of Canada’s top college radio stations and Internet radio.
  • Receiving interest from some of the countries top indie labels Interest came quick and the group began performing many packed venues across BC as opening acts for many known groups and selling out performance in their home town. Although, the momentum caused an ever-­‐changing line up of live performs, the original two members remained consistent. Feb 14, 2012 the group released their second E.P “Get Up and Go”. A suitable title as the record came after an extensive break following the loss of their father in 2008. The record was one of growth and personal struggle, a landmark record for songwriter Adam Ryan. Afterglow was ready to “get up and go” and was soon back to live performances again with a range of bassist and keyboard players. The release of Get Up and Go has created growing array of achievement such as;
  • Radio support from world wide Internet based radio stations
  • Radio support from major radio stations: 106.9 The wolf, 98.9 Jet Fm, and Todd Hancock’s Indie night in Canada on 99.3 The fox.
  • The single Shine received over 500 views in less than 3 months on Youtube.
  • The video for Shine has been featured on a growing list of music websites
  • The EP received a complete feature and interview on the BS and Bennie podcast
  • Resulting in over 400 dedicated Twitter Followers due to the Free Downloads offered on their website The writing of a new EP is in the process and the brothers plan on recording new music in the summer of 2013, focusing on the release of singles. Afterglow’s social media campaigns have showed steady growth and the future looks promising for Afterglow. Visit Afterglow’s website too view the most recent news, performances, and social media links. Check out Afterglow’s free music here.
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Social Potion
October 282013

Indie alt-pop music that reaches your soul. Carmen Toth on vocals, guitar, keyboard & songwriting and Aaron Jones on drums, keyboard & guitar.


Take some pleasantly catchy melodies, add heartfelt lyrics and innovative drum beats and the result is Social Potion – a Toronto indie alt-pop duo with a very full sound. Social Potion are married couple Carmen Toth on vocals, guitar and keyboard and Aaron Jones on drums, keys/controller and occasionally guitar.

Often compared to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Jane Sibbery, Fiest and Cyndi Lauper, Social Potion are huge music fans themselves with a huge CD and vinyl collection. They are heavily influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, classic rock, retro 70s/80s/90s and indie rock. They believe in supporting their fellow musicians, both indie and established, and they go to a lot of concerts.

Before Social Potion began performing live together in 2005, singer-songwriter Carmen Toth made her debut at Toronto’s Renaissance Café in 2002, and released her first EP album “Potional” in 2004. “Potional” would later become the name inspiration for “Social Potion”. After years of working on new songs and performing live, Social Potion released their self-titled 5-song EP album in 2011. It’s since been well received by both listeners and critics alike. Perhaps WORDKRAPHT Magazine said it best: “Most listeners will wish their album is longer. You will not be able to get enough of Toth’s voice and her relatable lyrics.” All of the EP’s singles, especially “Drive Myself Home” and “Cordelia,” are currently getting airplay on numerous online radio stations and podcasts. Social Potion is also now ranked within the national and local top 10 on ReverbNation, and the Indie Top 10 on Women of Substance Radio. They’ve also recently been the “Artist Of The Week” on HR’s InDspotlight Radio Show, which airs on several different stations, including Butterflies Radio.
Venues Social Potion has played include: Graffiti’s Bar & Grill, The Rose And Crown, NXNE Music + Film Festival 2013 (Free Times Café), Avant Garde Bar (in Ottawa, ON), The Old Nick, The Winchester, Toronto Main Street Event, The Rouge Valley Conservation Centre (various events since 2009), Dave’s on St. Clair, El Macambo, Lou Dawg’s Bar and Café and The Moore Gallery (private show). Venues Carmen Toth has played solo include: The Central, Dora Keogh, The Winchester, Grossman’s Tavern, The Black Swan, Hirut Restaurant, The Rockpile, Free Times Café, The Smiling Buddha, Rancho Relaxo, and The Guvernment (NABS Gala Fundraiser).
You can’t fake passion. That’s what makes these guys so special. With an extensive catalogue of both original and cover songs, they easily connect with audiences of all ages. Their music really IS a Social Potion. Currently, Social Potion are writing material for their next album and are playing live shows.
For booking and press inquires, email

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Wolf Critton
October 282013



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Saint London
September 282013


As a little girl growing up in Saint Louis, Missouri, Melody has always been her muse. Eclectic combinations, paired with touches of harmonic brilliance, she brings the divinity of sound back to popular culture rock. This is her canvas……

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GSlide is an Indie Music band of Irish and American artists that perform eclectic rock songs that stretch a gamut of subject matter.  Recorded in Cork Ireland between 2011-2013 “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is the second album from GSlide.  The band has been described as “genre-less” with aspects of pure-driving Rock, Bluegrass, Americana, Pop, Folk and Metal.  At the core soul the band evokes a haunting melancholy that is evident upon a single listen. The band seeks to craft music that influences the listener to ponder and transform a song into their own personal story.

GSlide is comprised of Bruce Carter (Guitars/Drums/Vocals) Dara Bradley (Vocals/Piano) Eimear Bradley (Vocals/Guitar) and David Sheehan (Bass).  American-born Bruce Carter, the chief writer and producer started playing and recording material in Cork, Ireland. Carter was formerly the guitarist in the local Philadelphia-based band Crave who released two albums, 1996’s “Faithfully Sane” and 2003’s “Everyday Its Something”.  In Cork, Carter became friends with Dara and Eimear Bradley and began crafting music with them. GSlide’s debut album “This Too Shall Pass” was released on November 13, 2010

The album was well received and peaked on ( at #20.  “This Too Shall Pass” highlights “Always Next Time” a sultry number with smoky vocals sprinkled over a melancholy acoustic that speaks of timeless love. “Summer Wine” is a sweet grooving rock number that beckons a convertible ride.

Between 2011 and 2012, Carter returned to Cork and began writing and recording new material.  Once again he teamed with the Bradley sisters for several songs including “Golden Monkey” and “Sweet Lunatic”. He also enlisted Cork-based Rob “Mugsy” McGrath for “Sleeping It Off”.  During this a time a number of shows were performed across Ireland to demo the new material.

In August 2012, he returned to the U.S. and began mixing the album that was now slated as “Drink. Love. Rebellion”. Much like their debut, the album is rich in diversity featuring the pub-crawl inspired “Sweet Lunatic” and the sting of a brief summer fling in “Wildberry”.  “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” was released on 9/14/2013 and is available on ITunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

In less than a week after release, “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” was garnering critical praise writes: “Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is a diverse collection of intricately crafted and beautifully performed songs filled with passion and emotion.  A perfectly executed album …“Drink. Love. Rebellion.” is a must-hear collection.”  Mellow Projects goes on to write: “this album is a wonderful combination of consistently good songwriting, intriguing vocal ideas, and instrumental ability.” The full reviews can be found at:





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STEREOSPREAD is an electropop band and production team based out of Western North Carolina. Their music might be described as intoxicating electronic pop music that evokes the full spectrum of human emotion.The band’s members are James Hopkins and Sara Snyder. Sara and James were introduced via a mutual production friend’s post on Facebook. Their connection was instantaneous and one month later,… they pooled together enough money between them to buy James a one-way ticket from Florida to NC. A return ticket was never needed… James and Sara worked side by side writing music that reflects the ups and downs of falling in love and beginning a life together, coining the name STEREOSPREAD along the way.James has produced music for many projects including Between the Now, The Velvet Conspiracy, Le Deux, Voiceless, etc. He has been a member of the Chicago-based industrial-electro group Eight and One Half. He has also worked with members of The Unquiet Void, The Mirror Reveals, Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society, Ophelia Burning, Rivel, Catholic Gun, LoveSpirals, and more.
He has also created music for films, most notably Young Man Kang’s The Last Eve. James’s productions are creatively idiosyncratic, spanning many genres and styles. His range of influences extend from Peter Gabriel to Massive Attack to Halou to Bel Canto.Sara has extensive songwriting and performance experience with local jazz, blues, and pop groups, as well as a salsa band and a ska band.
She sings as well as plays piano, guitar, and trumpet. Sara admires the great singers of the past such as Sarah Vaughan and Ella Fitzgerald and also enjoys the work of contemporary singers such as Florence Welch, Imogen Heap, and Janelle Monae.


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Pop Rock/ Acoustic

August 242013
Macatier (pronounced Mac-a-tee-er) is Dan Brown, a musician based in Bristol.

In October 2012, debut EP ‘A Year From Now’ was released for free download:

Hevypetal: “Clear dedication and raw talent”

Instant Filter: “A very promising upcoming talent…enjoy the freshness, intensity and sheer rawness of his work”

Headphones & Downloads: “Comparisons can be drawn between his music and some of Frank Turner’s early stuff…there’s the same kind of combination of raw lyrics and emotion in the voice, together with great guitar playing and catchy chord sequences.”

Having supported acts such as Marika Hackman, The Xcerts, Ryan Keen, Tellison, Beans on Toast, The Bots and All The Young, Macatier has played over 100 shows, including festivals and venues such as:

– Bristol Harbour Festival
– The Fleece
– The Croft
– Moles Club
– Thekla
– Mr Wolf’s
– The Louisiana
– Bristol Balloon Fiesta

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Singer, songwriter & musician Ian Alistair Gosbee may be an indie act, but he is proof in the pudding that formidable artistry doesn’t require major label backing to earn due notice. The title track from his third full-length collection “Life Gets In the Way” earned top 10 props on several Canadian charts, airplay on regional radio and amped up an already fervent North American and U.K. fan following. Ian was chosen to represent Mainstreet Nova Scotia in CBC Radio’s Searchlight competition and was featured on the popular website

In this age of digital downloads, today’s independent artists have to work harder then ever, continually reinventing themselves to stand out from the crowd. Ian Gosbee is an ever evolving musician. From his early training in classical violin, to playing packed clubs in cover, and well known tribute bands, Ian has not been one to shy away from any opportunity to do what he loves.

With his powerful, sincere vocals and uncanny ability to play almost any instrument, Ian is in a class all his own. In the summer of 2011, he released his first full length solo project, aptly named ‘Music’. Inspired by folk rock and country, this album is meaningful, memorable, and light hearted, everything music should be.

Gosbee’s second album entitled ‘Invisible’ (which was release just 5 months later), shows his true diversity as an artist. With influences ranging from indie rock, to reggae, ‘Invisible’ is a culmination of classic song writing, and modern sound engineering.

Back in the studio once again, Ian’s third installment called ‘Life Gets In The Way’, was released 12/12/12. Releasing 3 albums in the span of 1 year!

Ian will continue to expand his repertoire; entertaining, and amazing audiences for years to come.

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Uncle Doughboy | Indie Music

Uncle Doughboy | Indie Music

Pop Music, Indie Music, Available for Bookings at

August 202013

Uncle Doughboy, Craaazy


uncle doughboy

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The Chris Cox is the new FACE of Hip Hop, let’s see how it holds up.”A New Hope – EP” Releases May 4th, mark those calendars!


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